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Need help managing your day-to-day life? Need to have a stress free life? Hire our Private Personal concierge service in London to help you check all the boxes. We provide daily services, bespoke event planning and even travel planning. BECOME A MEMBER

Welcome to Chelleluxe Concierge - a Professional London Concierge Service

Chelleluxe Concierge London is a refined concierge service serving clients in LondonOur team has over 10 years of experience in private personal concierge services for UHNWI, Busy Professionals & Corporates. We provide the absolute best in private personal service and are fully dedicated to our most wonderful clientèle. Our lifestyle management service simplifies your hectic schedules, reduce stress, and offer you one of the most sought-after gifts available in today’s increasingly fast-paced world: the gift of time.

More than just a London concierge service, the passion of our devoted lifestyle manager at Chelleluxe Concierge, an operational unit of Chelleluxe Group Ltd is to enhance your day-to-day lifestyle and help you achieve your biggest and most extravagant dreams. Through bespoke lifestyle managing and exclusive experiences and events, we strive to give you the life you dream of.

From day-to-day London concierge services like dry-cleaning, shopping, personal translators or restaurant table booking to extraordinary experiences such as exclusive parties, museum tours, travel planning, luxury hotels, yacht charters and more. Chelleluxe Concierge company provides a wide variety of corporate and personal concierge services London, South East UK and globally. Our industry network of approved partners and service providers, allows our London concierge services to fulfil any demand.

Why Choose our London Concierge Services

At Chelleluxe Concierge London, we provide our clients with a highly reliable and confidential service led by our Private Personal Assistants. We help busy Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Executives, Professionals and Corporates extremely passionate about their personal and business goals but lack the time to focus on them.

Our local knowledge of London provides additional value to our clients and we have exclusive partnerships and service agreements with some of Londons' most exclusive vendors. We meet our client's expectations by ensuring your life & business can run seamlessly while everything gets done for you – giving you the feeling of having your own personal butler who has access to the inaccessible & grants your every request (as long as it's legal.)

A Suite of Concierge Services London

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Day-to-day services

Day-to-day services

Our concierge company will provide you with private personal assistance on anything from miscellaneous errands to day-to-day operations and planning. We provide dry-cleaning, babysitting, grocery shopping, house cleaning, private transport, personal shopping, scheduling and meeting coordinating, restaurant and event reservations. Other requests that are legal can be attended to.
Chellelxue concierge offers a 24/7/365 days service with a high immediate response rate ensuring there is no delay with your needs met.

Experience Curator

Experience Curator

Discover the most extraordinary experiences with Chelleluxe Concierge, from Wine Tastings to getting you into Exclusive VIP Events, Gallery openings, providing you with Private Chefs, Sensory and Artistic Experiences or even organizing your Wedding, Galas, Birthdays, we've got you covered.

Trip Planner or Coordinator

Trip Planner or Coordinator

Whether your travelling for business or for leisure, we will make sure everything runs smoothly. We can provide: Pre-arrival Groceries, Hotel reservation, Car-hire, Train and Flight reservation, Opera and Theater tickets, Cruises, Car and Chauffeur hire.

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What is a Concierge Service?
French word that means "Gatekeeper". A Concierge service is a service designed to  provide busy people assistance managing their daily personal and professional tasks, or to do lists. Our services help to improve our client's personal and professional lives by giving them back time to focus on the things they would prefer  . We operate a personal and corporate concierge, a service often found only in luxury hotels and resorts. We make the impossible happen for you!

Who can use Chelleluxe Concierge services?
Anyone who is looking to save time, anyone who desire professional customer service or anyone in search of unique items or information can use a concierge service. Concierge services are customized to the client's needs and the variety of programs offered cater to busy individuals, business clients, hotel guests, apartment tenants, and visitors to our fabulous country. ANYONE can benefit from concierge services.

Why should I use a Concierge?
A concierge is a luxury. Concierge service providers are dedicated to helping busy people manage hectic lives. Concierge service will make your life as simple as it should be. Concierge providers know how hard it can be to juggle work, home, family and friends. Chelleluxe Concierge will help you find time for yourself and lead the quality of  life you want.

Who has access to my information?
Your personal information is stored in a secured database. No one can access your information except authorized concierges or lifestyle managers. Your discretion is Chelleluxe Concierge highest priority.

Are there any services that are not covered?
No. As long as your request is legal and ethical we will do our very best to make it happen. Just ask!

How do I know if your company is trustworthy?
Chelleluxe Concierge employees, staff, contractors and vendors must complete a background check, the concierge and consultants are fully licensed and insured.

How much notice is needed for service?
Concierge service providers prefer as much notice as possible but we can take your reservation 24 hours in advance. However, we will accommodate emergency requests, although an additional service fee will be assessed at the time of payment.

How are requests made?
Chelleuxe Concierge accept request via our portal, WhatsApp, web inquiry, telephone, email. A concierge will contact you to set up an appointment or service.

Do I have to pay for services in advance?
Chelleluxe Concierge runs a prepaid service and so would require advance payment for service.

How do I pay for services rendered?
Chelleluxe Concierge accepts e-transfer, bank transfer. An invoice is sent to your email with your service request detailed.