Personal Concierge Services London

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Personalised Concierge Service

Imagine your current lifestyle but with more time and less stress. Chelleluxe Concierge offers a tailor-made concierge service to its client in London. From organizing your day to day to booking your next luxury extravagant experiences, our lifestyle manager will provide you with a customized concierge service. Our London concierge services include Luxury Lifestyle Management, Residence Management, Corporate Services, Private Personal Assistants, and Personal Concierge to businesses, individuals and corporate organizations around the world.

As a concierge company, we understand that the services we offer will have a huge impact on our client's lives, futures and the ability to give you the life you dream of. Our vision is to create a service that is adaptable to anyone and one that will take care of all your day-to-day services, be it business or pleasure, and also helping with your luxury bespoke requests.

Need personal luxury concierge services in London? Simply contact Chelleluxe Concierge today.

Chelleluxe Concierge Offers a Personal Management Services

We pride ourselves on gaining ultimate knowledge of each client's needs to ensure unprecedented and complete personalized service is rendered. Continuously behind the scenes orchestrating a variety of activities, aspects of legality, morality and honesty; needless to say Chelleluxe Concierge holds its ethical and integrity beliefs at its core.

By far our services run the gamut, from the simple to the extraordinary – whether it’s bringing a forgotten lunch to a Client’s child at school or planning the perfect wedding proposal picnic at their exact first meeting spot. 

Each request is filled with passion and enthusiasm for its fulfillment, every time! 
In short, our services would be summed up as adding in equal components the utmost sense of accuracy, expediency, responsiveness, immediacy and ownership of each and every client request.

Need help managing your day-to-day life? Need to have a stress free life? Hire our Private Personal concierge service to help you check all the boxes. We provide daily services, bespoke event planning and even travel planning