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Personal Assistant Services

Chelleluxe Personal Assistance

Chelleluxe Concierge is a UK based Private Personal Assistant company that offers corporate and personal concierge services such as Luxury Lifestyle Management, Residence Management, Corporate Services, Private Personal Assistance, and Personal Concierge to businesses, individuals and corporate organizations globally.

Our Services

Our Services

From helping you with managing your day-to-day life, such as managing your emails or diary and scheduling appointments etc., to achieving a stress free life, we’ve got you covered. We can save you time and money and become an essential partner in the growth of your business.

There's simply an endless list of things you stand to benefit when you hire a highly professional Private Personal Assistant to help you with other tasks - both personal and business, while you focus on the core task of growing your business and generating income. With specific expertise in array of client’s needs from our years of experience in this area, we have earned a name which make us unique from others.


We understand the dire need for online presence, and we delight in paying particular attention to sourcing and creating relevant contents that are not just appealing but also engaging and persuasive. 

One way communication is not enough, that is why at Chelleluxe Concierge, we focus on effective communication, ensuring that our client’s services are understood, while keeping tabs with the online community from Twitter, Instagram Facebook to LinkedIn and more, answering questions and providing prompt replies and feedback to inquiries, and improving in strategy where and when necessary. 

 We’re just a call away.

Private Personal Assistance Services

Private Personal Assistance Services

Dairy Management
Elder Check-in
Errand Services
Holiday Offerings
Home Management
House Check-in
Personal Shopping
Pet Care
Simplified Moves
Travel Arrangements
Personal Assistance
Lifestyle Management
Financial Management

Corporate Assistance Services

Corporate Assistance Services

Book Keeping
Email Management
Function, Meeting and Event Planning
Human Resources Services
Digital Marketing
Social Media Management
Online Training Content
Speaking Engagements
Studio and Production Services
Travel & Accommodation
Virtual Office
Website Design
Brand Management
Logo & Graphic Design

Contact Us

Contact us

Contact us and speak to one of our specialists, should you have any questions about our concierge service.